Ancillary Services Service Catalogue


Who We Are

Our mission: Creating exceptional environments for learning and life-long memories.  

Ancillary Services endeavours to make the University of Toronto experience a great one by delivering a wide variety of cost-effective services to the campus community with an emphasis on customer service. Ancillary Services takes pride in diversity, teamwork, the ability to take on challenges, and seeing clients – students, staff, faculty, alumni and visitors – enjoy the services offered on campus.   

The University of Toronto is a diverse community of learning and innovation. Ancillary Services believes in creating campus services that celebrate and meet unique needs. Therefore, its service mandate includes constantly reinventing and reimagining how to ensure that the St. George campus has spaces and services that enrich experiences and create community. Ancillary Services believes in making a difference and impacting university life in a positive way, approaching every challenge openly and creatively.  

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What We Do 


Trademark Licensing 

Trademark Licensing is the process by which a trademark owner allows a third party, the licensee, to use registered trademarks on merchandise under a license agreement. The University of Toronto’s Trademark Licensing Policy and Code of Conduct was formalized in 2000 and oversees the use of the university name and marks on merchandise across all three U of T campuses (UTSG, UTSC and UTM). The program’s main goal is to ensure that the university and its departments engage in the ethical procurement of merchandise and that branded merchandise is accurately representative of the university’s image. Over the years, the work of the Trademark Licensing Office has led to the University of Toronto being recognized as a leader in collegiate licensing in Canada and as a leading brand throughout the city and the world.  

Collegiate merchandise is an important aspect of the student experience, and one that becomes a mainstay throughout one’s academic tenure and beyond. It fosters a sense of belonging by unifying our community, lasts long after students leave and is even shared with future generations. The university helps students recognize fellow U of T students off campus and helps form relationships based on shared experiences with the school. These paramount milestones enable branded merchandise to communicate university values and identify U of T to the community as a great pillar of our city

Trademark Licensing works with multiple departments and divisions on campus to create opportunities to build and share school spirit. These include events, contests and special merchandise collections. The goal is for every student, staff and faculty member to be a part of the campus community.  


  • Ensuring that suppliers of University of Toronto merchandise are licensed and have signed and abide by the university’s Code of Conduct 
  • Working with suppliers and NGO partners towards a transparent and ethical supply chain  
  • Sourcing new brands and merchandise to increase the visibility and sales of branded merchandise 
  • Works with all three UofT campuses (UTSG, UTSC and UTM) to ensure proper reproduction of U of T brand on merchandise  
  • Providing consultation and advice to the campus on best practices around branded merchandise  
  • Working with departments and students to fulfill special requests for custom merchandise  
  • Registering and maintaining official marks for the university and following up on improper use of the marks 
  • Working to expand and enhance the selection of University of Toronto merchandise available for sale, both in The Bookstore and at off-campus retailers 



Transportation Services

St. George Transportation Services provides effective and convenient transportation solutions to ensure our campus remains safe and accessible to the community. It provides access and information to our campus community about many modes of transportation including public transit, cars, bicycles, electric vehicle parking and car-sharing services. 

Transportation Services operates 37 surface lots and 11 underground garages which provide 2,198 parking spaces for faculty, staff, students, and visitors. It also has electric vehicle charging stations and helps with traffic control. 


  • Balancing parking supply and demand 
  • Allocating parking permits and providing customers with convenient access to on-campus activities 
  • Ensuring that parking facilities are available, functional, safe and convenient to use 
  • Ensuring an effective enforcement process to protect our campus parking spaces for legitimate parking customers 
  • Providing special event parking and traffic management services 
  • Facilitating access to alternative transportation (e.g., bike share)



Chestnut Residence 

Chestnut Residence at the University of Toronto is home to nearly 1150 students from all University of Toronto faculties and colleges. These units are made up of spacious rooms and include high quality meals, a vibrant residence life program, and are located in the heart of downtown Toronto.  It’s definitely a favourite student choice from among the many UofT residences. Chestnut Residence offers many unique features like a study/lounge space with panoramic views of the city and a dining hall that is consistently ranked as one of the best places to eat on campus. 

Chestnut takes pride in being a vibrant and diverse community of students, 75% of whom are first-year students. It is also home to the highest number of engineering students along with a large international student population. The student life team at Chestnut is dedicated to providing support, high-quality programming and many other community-building events for all residents. In addition to operating as a student residence throughout the year, Chestnut Residence provides an inclusive and unique experience offering inexpensive, high-quality summer accommodation to the general public, students and travellers from all over the world.  

Services and amenities: 

  • Offers both double and single rooms with ensuite bathrooms 
  • 24-hour security, 7 days a week 
  • Housekeeping services for all dorm rooms 
  • Vibrant student spaces, including a lounge with games and hangout space, study commons and a lounge with panoramic views of the city 
  • Laundry facilities, gym, fitness studio, music rooms, bike lockers and a wellness room  
  • Full-service dining hall offering an extensive rotating menu of internationally-inspired cuisine catering to diverse dietary needs  
  • A dedicated student life team with a focus on developing and supporting the community through a variety of events and activities 
  • Summer accommodations for students and travellers from all over the world  
  • Public parking garage 



Graduate House 

Housed within one of Toronto’s architectural landmarks, Graduate House is the only residence at UofT reserved exclusively for Masters and Doctoral level students as well as students from second-entry professional faculties. It offers co-ed, suite-style accommodation within unit, ensuite bathroom and kitchens. This provides an authentic apartment experience and maximum flexibility for residents. Dedicated student life staff promote community through regular activities, workshops and events. This unique environment caters specifically to the needs of second-entry students, offering the freedom to get involved in activities while respecting the need for a quiet space to study and grow academically.  

Graduate House has strongly-rooted values: community, inclusion, learning, respect and wellness.  


  • Suite-style accommodations with ensuite bathroom and kitchen  
  • Coffee shop and convenience store located within the building 
  • Partnerships with post-graduate faculties, showcasing high level accommodation as a tool to attract the best students 
  • Building amenities include: laundry facilities, composting and recycling programs and bicycle storage 
  • 24/7 access to on-site staff for wellness and health emergencies



Food Services 

Food Services seeks to nourish and bring the campus community together, contribute to the culinary culture of Toronto and support the work of innovative and sustainable local food suppliers. It provides a wide range of affordable, sustainable and nutritious food options to the campus through excellent service, a deep commitment to the environment and celebrating foods that reflect a diverse campus community. The Food Services team, with its strong commitment to sustainability, sources local food, supports composting and offers recyclable/compostable takeaway containers.  

Food Services operates or oversees more than 30 food service outlets and three residence dining halls across the St. George campus. The Food Services team is dedicated to offering a variety of food options throughout its locations serving the campus. It is committed to an inclusive food experience, offering Halal, Kosher, vegan and vegetarian options and works with a staff dietician to ensure the delivery of balanced and healthy meals. It hosts many popular campus events like the annual Mac ‘N’ Cheese Smackdown and Chili competition. Food Services brings the campus community together through food and the entire team takes immense pride in sharing a love of food with the campus.  


  • Operating a wide range of food outlets on campus, including residential dining halls and retail outlets 
  • Assisting campus departments with decisions related to providing food services in buildings, including adding/deleting/expanding food service outlets and concept/menu/service provider selection 
  • Managing campus vending machines 
  • Working with franchises to bring local, nourishing food to campus 
  • Accommodating a wide range of dietary restrictions 
  • Hosting campus food events to engage with the community 
  • Introducing technology advancements, such as a mobile pre-order and payment app that provides a service enhancement to the overall campus community experience   



Chestnut Conference Centre 

Located adjacent to Nathan Philips Square, directly north of the city’s Financial District, Chestnut Conference Centre is located in the heart of Toronto’s downtown core. It has 13 unique meeting spaces and over 20,000 square feet of meeting space.  Chestnut can accommodate groups ranging from 8 to 850 guests. Chestnut Conference Centre is the ideal space to host a wide range of events, from breakfast meetings, working lunches and executive training sessions, along with multi-day conferences. 

A dedicated team of event coordinators and catering specialists works to ensure all event needs are met. Extensive and creative menus cover the needs of all types of meetings, from short breakfasts to full-day conferences. The innovative culinary team works closely on each event to create a unique experience for clients and their guests. Chestnut also conveniently has an in-house audio-visual department to facilitate all technological requirements.  


  • Full-service one-stop-shop event planning 
  • A convenient location – downtown core, close to public transit 
  • Ballroom accommodating up to 850 people  
  • Newly-renovated executive training rooms 
  • In-house audio-visual department 
  • Professional event coordinators who are dedicated and detail-oriented and ensure seamless, worry-free events



St. George Catering 

Operated by the University of Toronto, St George Catering Co. provides professional, memorable service and delicious food and beverage offerings for guests. 

Whether for a coffee break or a plated dinner, the St. George team assists with all food and beverage and planning needs. The dedicated team of food service professionals have curated a menu which is sure to meet any needs. 


  • Full-service catering delivered to your preferred campus location 
  • Experience with and proven expertise on the University of Toronto campus 
  • A creative culinary team that develops unique and delicious catering options for all occasions 
  • Catering from favourite on-campus food locations available 
  • Quick and convenient on campus delivery and set-up



University Family Housing  

University Family Housing (UFH) serves the housing needs of student families and faculty within the Huron Sussex and Charles Street Communities. It operates multiple buildings and offers housing options on the St. George campus and works actively with student families to ensure that their unique needs are met while they work and study on campus.   

The two apartment towers located at Bay and Bloor (30 and 35 Charles Street), provide apartment-style housing for students and their families. Conveniently located just steps from the campus, these provide easy access to many of Toronto’s most popular attractions and neighbourhoods. Student Family Housing consists of 711 apartment units, housing a population of approximately 2,000 students and their families. Student Family Housing offers more than just an apartment that’s close to campus. Through its Residence Life programs and activities, it helps build a community of student families. The environment is positive and lively. Recreational and educational opportunities are available year-round and there are activities for all members of the family.  There are no additional costs to students for these activities. There is a drop-in centre, yoga and dance classes, crafts, knitting groups, book clubs, English conversation, tutoring, a Spring Festival, an apple farm field trip,  a trip to Riverdale Farm and the Toronto Island, a Haunted Halloween event and so much more.  

Faculty Housing operates unique rental housing units that are available to new faculty members at the university. Located in a charming neighbourhood of century homes, these units are a short walk from schools, libraries, child care centres, parks, recreation facilities, restaurants, museums and public transportation. Unfurnished units are available to newly- or recently-appointed University of Toronto faculty with full-time tenured or tenure-stream academic appointments.  They are one of a kind homes and the perfect place to enjoy the campus community.   


  • Housing for student families and faculty on campus  
  • Dedicated maintenance and community support staff to ensure a positive living experience and a vibrant community  
  • A mixture of unit sizes that meet the varied needs of our community members  
  • Childcare services (whether informally through the extremely popular drop-in centre or the childcare centre operated by George Brown College’s Early Childhood Education Program)  
  • Community Gardens located at our Huron Sussex Community and at the 30 Charles Street rooftop garden 
  • Programs – both in-person and virtual – tailored to children and adults alike that enhance community life.  Sessions include community socials, English language conversation, drop-in centre for babies and parents, excursions and children’s programs in sports, drama, leadership and arts and crafts 
  • Communal laundry services and parking    



Beverage Services  

Campus Beverage Services (CBS) upholds the University of Toronto’s alcohol policy and the Liquor License Act of Ontario. Campus Beverage Services delivers services for licensed events on campus. It provides the highest standard of service, ensuring the safety of anyone using the university’s liquor license. Because the campus has a blanket license, all alcohol consumed on campus must be purchased through CBS except for events held in spaces with their own liquor license, including:  Hart House, Graduate Student Union, Knox College, Faculty Club and Victoria College.  


  • Providing approval for on campus events wishing to serve alcoholic beverages 
  • Working with departments and faculties to arrange licensed events  
  • Providing trained event staff 
  • Applying the University’s liquor license policies and protocols 
  • Ensuring safe licensed events 



Campus Events 

The Campus Events team provides leadership, expertise and best practice support for a wide range of activities across the St. George Campus including flagship events like Convocation, Alumni Reunion, Science Rendezvous and Orientation. Campus Events works in partnership with key stakeholders at the Office of the President, with Government Relations and U of T’s Central Communications in order to elevate the profile of the university and enhance its reputation as a city-builder through the facilitation of high-profile events. Campus Events provides full-service, customizable conference and event solutions for in-person, hybrid and virtual activities utilizing centrally shared classrooms, community areas, outdoor spaces and virtual meeting technology. It supports recognized student groups, internal departments and external community partners.  Campus Events has close partnerships with many key business sectors within the City of Toronto and is responsible for the university’s commercial filming and photography portfolio

Campus Events offers a broad range of services to the internal and external community including: 

  • Conference services  
  • Management of the university’s commercial and internal filming and photography portfolio  
  • Convocation Hall venue management  
  • Recognized student group activity booking management    
  • External space booking management   
  • Institutional event operations and partnership events  
  • Capital planning and project support