When the Chestnut Residence was purchased in 2003, the conversion from hotel to residence included the use of 2 rooms on each floor as Common Areas: accessible to all students on a particular floor, these areas were considered a necessary shared space to create community spirit amongst the students. As the residence developed over time, the use of these spaces became less frequent as students preferred the Urban Lounge on the main floor where they were able to freely mix with all students in the community. The Lakeview Conference Room on the 27th floor, with panoramic views across the city, was facing a stricter time use period (restricted to functions during the day time due to noise travel). After much deliberation is was decided that this conference space would be converted into a lounge-like multipurpose student space. The design boasts everything from study pods, meeting and discussion areas to a casual café area with a TV and general relaxing areas. A lift was installed to provide accessibility for those students with mobility issues.