The University of Toronto Library system is ranked in the top 3 research libraries in North America, behind only Harvard and Yale. Comprised of 44 libraries and over 12 million volumes in 341 languages, its collections are extraordinary. Part of this system is the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library and the U of T Archives. The Rare Book Library holds collections of art, books and other materials of national and international significance. The Archives is responsible for the appraisal, acquisition, preservation and use of University records and the private records of individuals and organizations associated with the University.

With such a rich history in Toronto and the world, the Trademark Licensing program felt compelled to tell the story of the Rare Book library and the Archives through a line of special merchandise. Dubbed ‘The Heritage Collection’, it aims to showcase both the special collections owned by the University and the archival marks and images of its history. We believe that everyone should be aware of U of T’s significant role in shaping Toronto and be able to own a piece of that history. Part of the proceeds from the sale of this merchandise will go back to the library in support of the preservation work they do.