Transportation Services has taken a leadership role in a Traffic Calming project, initiated by the Vice President University Operations and in collaboration with Campus Police, Campus and Facilities Planning and Grounds Services.

Phase 1 aimed to improve safety for pedestrians on King’s College Circle by limiting the speed of vehicles and bicycles. To this end, Transportation Services installed rumble strips on around the length of King’s College Circle. Speed signage and radar signage was also introduced, and Campus Police undertook an education campaign, all of which helped to make drivers and cyclists more conscious of their speed in the area. Average vehicle speeds have been reduced by 5 kph, and the proportion of speeding cars has decreased significantly, from over 40% to just 11%. Phase 1 was completed in Fall 2014.

Phase 2 of the project involved modifications to the area immediately in front of Convocation Hall. Permanent bollards and clearly marked crosswalks aim to make the intersection less confusing for all users. In addition, a large area has been sectioned off to allow for students entering and exiting Convocation Hall as well as to provide a safe place to take pictures of the architectural landmarks in King’s College Circle.  Phase 2 was completed in Fall 2015.