Chestnut Residence at the University of Toronto is home to over 1100 undergraduate students from all faculties and colleges. They offer spacious rooms, high quality meals and a vibrant residence life program. Chestnut Residence is located directly behind City Hall and near the Eaton Centre, in the heart of downtown Toronto. This is a great place to call home!

Services Offered: student housing, summer residence, conference services, and food services.



Student Family Housing is a special apartment-style residence created for those with the additional challenge of studying while raising a family. Charles Street (as the residence is known) offers comfortable, affordable living in the downtown Toronto core. This allows residents the opportunity to live close to school and other families like themselves. The building is conveniently located next to the subway, shops, the ROM, restaurants and much more. Charles Street strives to offer support programs and social recreations to create a warm community that is perfect for each family.

Services Offered: housing for students with families at the University of Toronto



The University of Toronto’s St George campus has a unique stock of housing units available for rent to new and visiting faculty members of the University. Located in a charming neighbourhood of century homes on the St. George Campus, the housing is also situated within steps of schools, libraries, child care centres, parks, restaurants, museums, public transit and much more. Both fully furnished and unfurnished apartments are available to suit the unique needs of our faculty.Services Offered: housing for new and visiting faculty



Graduate House is one of Toronto’s architectural landmarks. Designed by Thom Mayne in conjunction with Stephen Teeple, the building has won many awards including Progressive Architecture Award, the Canadian Architecture Award, and the American Institute of Architects Award. Graduate House prides itself on its wonderful living spaces and community life. It houses over 400 graduate and second-entry professional students in three- to five-bedroom apartment-style suites, and has communal spaces tailored to the challenging demands of graduate student life. The Residence Life staff work to provide all the necessary academic and personal support to ensure a safe and successful experience within the university community.Services Offered: housing for graduate students at the University of Toronto

Other Services




Transportation Services provides the necessary resources for effective and efficient movement on the St. George campus. The department operates over 2000 parking spaces for students, faculty and staff, administer the sale of TTC Metropasses and provide a shuttle service between the St. George and Mississauga campuses. Their goal is to ensure competitive parking rates, safe and functional facilities and provide incidental services to the University community.Services Offered: information on getting to the University of Toronto St. George campus, VIP Metropass sales, parking rates and availability, alternative transportation options



Food Services strives to ensure that campus food services provide a wide range of affordable, sustainable and nutritious food options to the community through excellent service, commitment to the environment and celebration of food to reflect the diverse campus community. They oversee more than 30 locations across the St. George campus and run programs like the Local Food Challenge, Mac ‘n Cheese Smackdown and other environmental initiatives. The Food Service mission is to nourish and bring the campus community together, contribute to the culinary culture of Toronto and support the work of innovative and sustainable local food suppliers.Services Offered: catering, meal plans, questions about food on campus, food events, food news, food outlet map, food options on campus



Beverage Services licenses events held on the St. George campus via the University of Toronto liquor license. All alcohol served on the St. George Campus must be purchased by the Beverage Services Department and service staff must be hired in accordance to University policy. Absolutely no donated alcohol is allowed on the University campus. Beverage Services acts as liaison to ensure events are properly licensed and adhere to all policies set forth by the University of Toronto Alcohol Policy and the Liquor License Act of Ontario.Services Offered: questions about alcohol on campus, licensing events



The Trademark Licensing Program oversees all uses of University trademarks on merchandise. This includes merchandise produced for internal departments, student groups and for sale at retail stores. The main pillars of the program are to ensure consistency and correct use of all University trademarks and uphold the ethical procurement policy to ensure that all merchandise is produced under humane and non-exploitative conditions. The Trademark Licensing Program ensures a fast and efficient way to purchase quality branded products for everyone in the University community.Services Offered: ordering branded merchandise, questions about the use of school name and logo, registering new trademarks, licensed supplier list

Annual Reports

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