Ancillary Services constantly endeavours to make the University of Toronto experience a great one. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality and cost effective solutions to the campus and community. Part of the division of University Operations, Ancillary Services provides all kinds of services to students, faculty and staff that support the University’s academic mission, enhance the community and make campus life a little easier and more pleasant.  On these pages you will find information about Housing, Food and Beverage Services, Transportation and Trademark Licensing.

our mission To deliver a range of high quality business and student services to benefit the University community.

Our Values


Taking pride in our work, we provide helpful service with honesty, integrity and accountability, in an open and inclusive manner.


We believe in a positive work environment, in which we communicate openly and recognise each other’s contributions.


We encourage new ideas, are open to change and foster ongoing staff development and engagement.


We value our shared resources, knowledge and experience, and work together to use these to our best advantage and to the benefit of the University.


We use resources wisely, invest for the long term, and are committed to providing affordable services.

Assistant Vice President, Ancillary Services

Ancillary Services is made up of diverse teams of dedicated professionals with a wide range of skills and responsibilities.  We cook and serve food, do accounting, procurement and human resources work, supervise facility renovations and repairs, enforce parking regulations and liquor license laws, protect the University’s Trademarks and provide residence students with academic and personal support…..and much more.  Because our staff are often “unsung heroes” since much of their work happens behind the scenes, we hope to tell some of their stories on these pages so that others can appreciate them as much as we do.